Moon is a space shooter-like game that takes inspiration in the classic Space Invaders, but with free movement, random generation, and further things to come.


  • Arrow keys -> Move
  • X -> Laser (Kill = + 2 Pt)
  • C -> Cannon (Kill = + 1 Pt)
  • Z (While red) -> Dash

How to play?

Your objective is to score 300 points, which you can earn by defeating UFOs, but it's not that simple, because the higher the score you have, the more enemies spawn .

In this version, you'll have two weapons, three hit points, and two colliding enemies will start shooting, so get on your spaceship, and get ready to defend the Moon!


New  [v0.6]: You can use X and Z to select options (Ex: Play / Exit) & Yellow capsules restore 1 Hp and 1 Cannon.

New [v0.6.5]: Now enemies don't spawn so suddenly.

New downloadable version: Includes an extra soundtrack (change it with 1 or 2) and a custom mouse cursor.

The game is still in development and has some bugs yet to be fixed. This is an incredible game early release.


Download 16 MB

Development log


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i fucking wonnnn

Nice game. I will be waiting for more updates.